Gymbus Attire is sneakers and gym clothes. NO SKIRTS, DRESSES, SANDALS, SLIP ON SHOES OR SNOW BOOTS PLEASE!!  A good idea is to keep an extra set of clothes in your child’s cubby.

Payment AND registration form is due prior to the start date of the session.  Block sessions include: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.   Checks should be made out to TUMBLE WHEELS. (NOT Tumblebus)  Please place your payment in the Tumble Wheels Mailbox located in the lobby. If you elect to not sign up for the whole block session, you may take advantage of the block drop-in rate.  Please submit the enrollment form at the beginning of the session and the drop-in rate for each day you would like your child(ren) to participate.  When payment is in the mailbox, we will know that you want them to participate.

Bus Down - Unforeseen: In the event that the bus is down due to the weather or mechanical problems, we will schedule a make-up day or issue a session credit that can be used on the next block session.   Bus Down - Scheduled: In each block session there will be days that the bus is scheduled to be down.  We use this time for scheduled maintenance to the bus, as make-up days and special activities in the community.  If the exact weeks are known at the beginning of the session, we will list them on the enrollment form.  We will also follow-up with the note on our parent boards the week prior to being down.   

There are no credits or refunds given for missed classes.  However, please note that you are NOT charged for any day that the bus does not provide service.  The weeks the bus is down have been subtracted from the block session cost.  In the event that you underpay, you will be billed for the balance.  In the event that you overpay, that amount will be credited for you to use on the next session only.  Refunds will only be given if your child is no longer enrolled in the program.

Please notify the Tumble Wheels office for all communication.  In many cases the daycares do not have all of the information about our program and can not answer your questions.  To avoid confusion please contact us via phone, email or writing.  You may put a note in the mailbox or talk to one of the staff members on the bus.  But please keep in mind that your child's account status is not kept on the bus.
Contact Us:
717-6855-BUS (717-685-5287)
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